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Kazan city history chronology

922 - Volga Bolgaria accepted Islam religionas state religion.

985 - Volga Bolgaria declared peace treaty with Kievan Rus.

1005 - Kazan city was founded.

1212 - First Tatar literature work - epic poem named "Kyssai-Yusuf" (from Tatar people language it means "Tale of Yusuf"). The author of the poem was Tatar poet Kul Gali.

1446 - Kazan city is the capital city of Kazan Khanate.

Kazan city of old times picture

Kazan city of old times picture

1486 - "Eternal peace treaty" between Russia and Kazan city.

1552 - Ivan Grozniy (Russian Tsar) siege of Kazan; fall of the Kazan city.

Kazan city siege picture

Kazan city siege picture

1708 - Russian Kazan is thecapital of Kazan province.

1742 - The highest peak of persecution of Muslim peoplefor their religion.

1774 - Kazan city was captured during the rebellion of peasants headed by E. Pugachev.

1788 - Catherine II returns the right to worship religion of Islam.

1801 - The provincial publishing began in Kazan city.

1804 - Kazan University was founded.

Kazan city of 19th century picture

Kazan city of 19th century picture

1886 - The birth of great Tatar people poet - G.Tukay.

1906 - First in Kazan city public theater performance played in Tatar people national language.

1917 - "Republic beyond the Bulak" was defeated by Red Army troops after the October 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

1989 - The celebrations of 1100th anniversary of Islam religion acceptance by people of Volga area according to Muslim chronology.

1990 - Tatarstan Republic signes declaration of sovereignty.

1994 - Two-way state treaty between Tatarstan and Russian Federation was signed.

2005 - Kazan city millennium celebrations.

Kazan city millennium celebrations fireworks

Kazan city millennium celebrations fireworks picture

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