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Kazan State University rector Nikolai Lobachevsky

From 1827 to 1846 world-known mathematician N.Lobachevsky was the rector of Kazan State University. Nikolai Lobachevsky was living in the special Rector's House, bought by university from Kazan city military commander in 1810. It is now a part of Kazan State University architectural complex.

Kazan State University Rector's House

Kazan State University Rector's House picture

While living in the Rector's House Nikolai Lobachevsky laid the basis of non-Euclidean geometry. Non-Euclidean geometry overturned the mathematical concepts of his time and was the beginning of modern mathematical thinking. The development of the Kazan State University owed most to the efforts of Nikolai Lobachevsky. He was involved in all the scientific problems and architectural plans.

Kazan State University rector and great mathematician Nikolai Lobacehvsky

Kazan State University rector and great mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky photo

A bronze bust of Nikolai Lobachevsky (author Maria Dillon) was erected in 1896 opposite Kazan State University Rector's House. The fine square is around the monument flanked on all sides by scientific and educational institutions like the National Library of Tatarstan and Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan republic.

Bronze bust of Nikolai Lobachevsky - Kazan State University rector

Monument to Nikolai Lobachevsky, the mathematical genius and rector of Kazan State University

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